January 23rd Meeting at Mosaic Coffeehouse: Creative Photo Books!

Hello Mamas!

Please mark your calendars for our first monthly meetup of 2012: January 23rd 6:30-8:30pm at Mosaic Coffeehouse (*note this is a venue change* 4401 2nd Ave NE  Seattle, Washington 98105). This month’s topic is one that EVERYONE will love getting inspiration about: making creative photo books! We all have thousands of digital pictures in our laptops, but what good will they do if our kids don’t get to see them printed out? Our special guest speaker this month is Kim Screen, owner of Good Stock Press & Bindery, and she is brimming with creative ideas about sourcing, theming and getting your photos organized so that your family’s story can be enjoyed for years to come!

We’ve been nostalgic for our post-presentation photo sharing this fall, now with our full 2 hours we will have circle time, so please bring along your favorite one or two holiday photos to share, as well as any other tips and information to share with the other Mamas! At our new venue, we’ll be able to enjoy a coffee together as well :-)!

JANUARY 28th INTRO WORKSHOP: 4 spaces left!

If you or a friend received a new SLR camera for the holidays this year (or last year!) and you’d like to learn how to shoot outside of the automatic mode, take our Mamas With Cameras Introduction to Digital Photography Workshop on Saturday, January 28th from 1-4:30pm. In just 3 short hours, you’ll understand the basics of your camera, and feel empowered to push all those crazy dials and buttons on your camera that you’ve been avoiding! Read more about the workshop and register here.

Looking forward to seeing you all this month!


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