Meeting Reminder: Silhouettes & only 4 spaces left in Oct 8 Level 2 Workshop!

Hello Mamas!
Rain rain go away!!! I am looking at the weather forecast for Monday evening’s open meeting and it looks like rain tomorrow, but I am going to be optimistic and hope it blows over by 6pm so we can shoot outdoors! 🙂
Our meeting topic this month is Silhouettes with our very own Annie Graebner of Annie G Photography. Today she sent me a link to a blog post that she put up just for us on this topic, so read up before the meeting, there are some beautiful pictures she did to demonstrate, check them out!
Reminder, BRING YOUR CAMERAS- Weather permitting we’ll meet at 6:30pm at the sun dial on top of Kite Hill at Gasworks Park (2101 N Northlake Way) for a fun shooting practicum at dusk (sunset is at 6:50pm that day), where Annie will share her pointers on silhouetting, and we’ll be shooting up a storm while the light is available!
If it’s raining, we’ll convene at the meeting room at Fremont Public Library instead (731 N 35th St.).
Hope to see you there! Happy shooting everyone!
p.s. there are only 4 more spaces left in our Level 2 Workshop, we are going to have lots of fun with a capital M! (for Manual :-)) Hope you can join us!

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