June Meeting & Assignment, Open Call for Space Suggestions & a note from MeRa!

Hi Mamas!

If you’re on the list-serve or were at the last meeting you know that we are temporarily out of Studio R for the next several months. For June we have a meeting space lined up- so mark your calendars for our June 27th meeting!


Our speaker is Christina Mallet, owner of Christina Mallet Photography and also boudoir alter-ego Katrinka’s Secret Photography, and we’ll be doing an on-site meeting in her very cool studio which should be a fun visit!


Our June assignment is based on one of the “photo games” that our awesome speaker Heylena Holmes shared with us at the May meeting. “Stop & Sit”: Bring a chair into an outdoor setting, and position it for the light. Show it to your child and ask them how they would sit on it, then get them to run around the chair as fast as they can and yell SIT! They will sit on the chair and you will likely get very natural smiles and laughs. Set that shutter speed as high as you can to stop the motion (1/500 or higher!).


We have been getting some good suggestions on the google group about alternate meeting/workshop spots that I’m looking into, but if you happen to know of any good spaces feel free to leave a comment on this post!


I got a note from MeRa this evening- many of you Mamas have taken her weekend-long Confidence workshop (including me!) and a bunch of you saw her speak at our meeting in March. She sent me a link for any Mamas With Cameras who want to get ahead of the registration opening on Monday for her September workshop:

“We are doing a voting poll on our blog for Fall cities, but we decided on Seattle for sure in September.  Registration won’t go live on the blog until Monday, but I wanted to give the Mamas group a chance to pre-register or ask us any questions. As promised, here is the link to register and all the details. ”

Happy shooting all! 🙂




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