Assignment for May: P-Mode Portraits

We had an amazing brainstorming meeting last night, and one of the suggestions was to post each month’s assignment quickly, separate from the meeting notes, and in a place that is easy to find.  This will help us remember the assignment and have plenty of time to do it before the next meeting.

This month’s assignment is brought to you by the letter “P”:

P-Mode (Partner-Mode) Portraits!

It’s time to put your camera into P-mode (or another setting if your partner is comfortable with it), and have your partner take some Mother’s Day portraits of you!  You can decide if you want your children/pets/other favorite things to be included in the portraits…this is your time to shine!  And we do recommend that you have your partner, rather than a friend, take the portraits.  We’ve all gone long enough being the invisible person in our families’ lives (at least according to the gazillions of photos we have that show everyone but Mama).  It’s time our partners learn to be behind the camera every once in awhile!

Some tips:

  • Set yourself and your partner up for success by picking a place that already has great light.  This way you can be sure your camera will not choose a shutter speed that is too slow and end up with blurry shots.
  • Pay attention to your background.  If you choose something simple and uncluttered, it will be easier for your partner/camera to choose the correct focus points.  And you won’t have to keep yelling out things like, “Make sure there’s not a tree growing out of my head!”
  • Have fun!  Play with your children (in your previously chosen well-lit, uncluttered space) while your partner shoots away.  Take some time and relax — trust that your partner will get at least a few great shots of you!

Happy Shooting!


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