March 28th Meeting, featuring ME RA KOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello MAMAS!

I am **beyond** excited because I just got an email from MeRa Koh confirming that she will be the guest speaker our Mamas With Cameras Open Meeting this month!!!!!!!!! I don’t have enough exclamation points to show how excited I am!!!! Mark your calendars ladies for March 28th, 6:30pm at Studio R because you are NOT going to want to miss this!

Me Ra is a celebrity photographer, author and speaker, and is a regular contributor to the Nate Berkus show . Her latest book, Your Baby in Pictures just made its debut at #231 on Amazon, and is climbing rapidly! Also, her nationwide Confidence Workshops are an awesome weekend retreat where women can explore their talent and creativity and build confidence with their digital cameras!

She spoke to our group back in 2009 and it was a packed house.  The energy in the room was incredible, she is a terrific speaker! This month she’ll share her tips and tricks with all the Mamas of how she documents the different milestones of childhood (and MAYBE we can get her to talk for a couple of minutes about what it’s like to be on the other side of the camera next to Nate!! 🙂 ), at the end of the meeting she’ll be available for book signings.

Can’t wait to see all you fabulous Mamas this month, and meet some new ones too! Bring your friends!  Also, if you have any specific questions you’d like MeRa to answer, leave them here in the comment field and I’ll be sure that she reads them!

Happy Shooting!




7 responses to “March 28th Meeting, featuring ME RA KOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Please hold 2 spots for me! I don’t know how to sign up! – Julie

    • Hi Julie- I’ll add you to the evite that I use for headcount (it will go out next week), but not to worry it’s an open meeting so as long as there’s physically room for everyone we won’t need to turn anyone away!
      cheers, mary

  2. Thank you!!!!!!!!- Julie

  3. Yeah!! So excited to come Mary!! Just curious, how “many” can the room hold?! Email me girl! 🙂

  4. I want to RSVP. Is this where? Do I do it somewhere else?

  5. I’m so looking forward to this meeting and encouraging words from Me Ra. Because I might forget or run out of time, I’m interested in Me Ra’s response to the flood of commentary about her segement recently on Nate’s show which people used to fuel the ongoing debate about photogs vs. “fauxtogs” and how the introduction of the DSLR for the average consumer has “ruined” the industry.!/NateBerkus/posts/112013228877529
    I found it entertaining but would like to know if Me Ra felt it was misinterpreted and blown out of proportion or just general commentary on the subject. 🙂
    Thank you for coming to our group Me Ra – we’re honored!

  6. Hey, Mary! I still never got the Evite, but excited about seeing Me Ra (and you!) in a couple of hours. In case you’re still checking this for questions, I would really like to get Me Ra’s take on how to shoot in fluorescent lighting. Obviously the answer would always be “don’t, if you don’t have to”, but sometimes you just have to (like at my son’s daycare) and I can’t figure out a way to warm up these photos. See you in a couple of hours! ~Susan

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