October Meeting: Posing your subjects with Laura Totten!

Mark your calendars, Mamas! Our next meeting is coming up on Monday, October 25th, 6:30-8:30 at Studio R!

This month, Laura Totten of Blissed Photography will be presenting to the group on the topic of Posing your Subjects. Whether you are posing your own child, siblings, a friend or even another whole family, it is always great to have some good and flattering compositions in your back pocket. Laura has a background in high-end fashion and wedding photography, and is eager to share her secrets with us! Here’s a snippet of her bio: “As a photographer of life, I work with people during their most celebrated life experiences.   From weddings and newborns, to Seahawks and Sounders games, to intimate performances and concerts, I constantly look for the most honest moment in my subject’s experience.”

This month, the topic will be especially timely, because after the presentation during circle time, I’ll be pairing everyone off in our annual Mama Portrait Exchange! We all have the same problem- no pictures of us with our own kids! So the photo assignment for the month of November will be the portrait exchange. The picture that Jenni took last year with me and my son is still one of my favorite ones of us together–don’t miss out on the fun this year!

Make sure to check the blog for the October Photo Assignments and bring in your printed pics!
Happy Shooting All!


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