September meeting date & assignment, and October 2nd Intro Workshop registration is OPEN!

Sorry it has been a while, Mamas! I have been recovering from shooting my first wedding with Kellie over a week ago and life has been a bit crazy lately!! (To top it off, it was my birthday :-).) Anyway, this post is CHOCK full of announcements, so stick with me gals!

First off, I’m very excited to announce that the registration for the Saturday October 2nd Introduction to Digital Photography workshop is officially open! Click here to register! Use coupon code “earlybirdoctober” for $5 off at checkout!

As usual, it would be awesome if you could spread the word on your local Mom’s lists- here is some text that you can cut & paste!!


Mamas With Cameras Workshop: Introduction to Digital Photography- Saturday, October 2nd!

Are you a mama with a digital SLR camera, but you have no idea how to use it outside of the automatic setting? Does the idea of reading an instruction manual make you nauseous? Are you interested in taking great pictures of your kids, but feel a bit intimidated by the technology behind your camera? With an investment of just a few short hours, we’ll get you grounded in the basic definitions and controls on your digital SLR camera so that your photos of your child’s big milestones can be as beautiful and moving as the moments themselves. Come join a hands-on workshop where you can learn, explore and shoot with your camera alongside a bunch of other fellow mamas!

Date: Saturday, October 2, 1-4:30pm
Register at
Workshop space is limited and is on a first come, first serve basis.

About “Mamas With Cameras”: We’re a community of shutter-happy mamas who share a love of photography. Our goal is for all members to develop the ability to take amazing digital photos that document cherished family moments and milestones. We host monthly meetings at Studio R in Fremont that are open to all interested mamas. See our blog at!


With that bit of housekeeping taken care of, I’m very excited to announce our September meeting and topic! September’s general meeting will be held at Studio R on Monday, September 27th, at 6:30pm. We will be treated to guest speaker Janet Klinger, who is an award-winning Seattle wedding and portrait photographer. She will be speaking on “The Business of Photography”, and I am collecting any specific questions that you may have in advance to pass along to her. Whether you have started thinking about shooting on the side, or have been having friends of friends ask you to take pictures and have no idea how to begin, or have been shooting for a while and have specific business questions, Janet is the gal to ask! She does photo business coaching as part of her business offerings, and also recently opened the Seattle Studio Collective, a studio space that is available for hourly rental. (See the link for details on their open house! ) Please post any photography business related questions as a comment to this blog post so that I can send questions to Janet in advance!

And now for our SEPTEMBER  PHOTO ASSIGNMENTS! These are printed photos (any size you like) that you’ll bring to the September meeting to share. Sharing is a big part of building our community together so I hope you’ll all choose to print and share something you’ve done in the last month.

Assignment #1 was a cool idea submitted by our member Teri, who proposed a scavenger hunt! How FUN!

Try to take a photo of as many things on the following list as you can (there are ten): A bird, toes, running water, silhouette, someone sleeping, a child’s toy, a summer scene, Love, a reflection, movement.

This should be great to see people’s interpretation of the same concepts! And to spice up this scavenger hunt, we will have a prize at the meeting for the  person who shoots in the most categories (and if there is a tie I will have to judge on creativity)!

Assignment #2, for those who have had an opportunity to shoot any newborns since our wonderful presentation from Carmen Chan of Baby Sprouts Photography is to bring in your printed newborn photos!!

Though this was Carmen’s first stab at public speaking, I think everyone who was there agreed that she really knocked our socks off! And I know folks have been waiting for the (AMAZING!) notes from her presentation… Carmen asked that we keep the presentation notes on our private forum so I’ve uploaded her PDF to the files section of the Mamas With Cameras google group – if you haven’t joined the group just send me a membership request through the google group home page.

Thanks for sticking with me this long, Mamas! It’s an exciting month ahead and I can’t wait to see you all on September 27th!


6 responses to “September meeting date & assignment, and October 2nd Intro Workshop registration is OPEN!

  1. Yeah! thanks Mary, I’m so excited for the scavenger hunt 🙂 I couldn’t see Carmens pdf on the google group…is anyone else having this problem?

  2. I love the idea of the scavenger hunt! It might be a little difficult to get a summer scene though; seems like summer’s about over! 🙂 If it doesn’t warm up, can we substitute an Autumn scene?

    • Creativity is the name of the game, interpret the hunt as you see fit! (i.e. “end of summer” is also a summer scene) 🙂

  3. Hi Mary,
    I also cannot see Carmen’s pdf on google…

    A question I have for Janet: For small time businesses, how does she recommend processing photos; use a website like Smugmug, take them somewhere for printing, buy the fancy printer and print at home, or just give the CD to the client?


  4. Do the scavenger hunt photos all need to be taken in the same session/day to “count”?

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