Registration for August Workshop & July Meeting Assignment!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks at Mamas with Cameras! For our June 21st meeting, the mamas packed the house for LaRae Lobdell’s presentation about manual shooting techniques. For those of you who missed the presentation, we decided at the last minute that there was so much information to cover that we split it into two meetings, so she will be back for our next club meeting on Monday, July 19th (mark your calendars!) to talk about flash techniques! LaRae’s notes were SO detailed and she is sending her powerpoint over to me this week, so instead of doing the usual wrap up, I will be posting her presentation in our Mamas With Cameras Google Group once she sends it over! If you aren’t on it yet, you can use the link above to request to join.

In other news, Wenmei and I held our first “Introduction to Digital Photography” workshop on Saturday, June 26th- and it was a blast! (See Wenmei’s post about it here, along with some pics!) What a great group of mamas! Everyone had such enthusiasm for learning and sharing with one another, and the time flew by! We are excited to open up the registration for the next Introductory workshop, which will be held on Saturday, August 7th at Studio R, from 1pm-4:30pm. We’ve added an extra half hour to the day, to allow some more time since we had so much we wanted to cover!

Like last time, we would love it if you would please help spread the word by posting this blurb to your local email lists:


Mamas With Cameras Workshop: Introduction to Digital Photography- Saturday, August 7th!

Are you a mama with a digital SLR camera, but you have no idea how to use it outside of the automatic setting? Does the idea of reading an instruction manual make you nauseous? Are you interested in taking great pictures of your kids, but feel a bit intimidated by the technology behind your camera? With an investment of just a few short hours, we’ll get you grounded in the basic definitions and controls on your digital SLR camera so that your photos of your child’s big milestones can be as beautiful and moving as the moments themselves. Come join a hands-on workshop where you can learn, explore and shoot with your camera alongside a bunch of other fellow mamas!

Date: Saturday, August 7, 1-4:30pm
Register at
Workshop space is limited and is on a first come, first serve basis.

About “Mamas With Cameras”: We’re a community of shutter-happy mamas who share a love of photography. Our goal is for all members to develop the ability to take amazing digital photos that document cherished family moments and milestones. We host monthly meetings at Studio R in Fremont that are open to all interested mamas. See our blog at!



And now for our photo assignment! There is still plenty of time here, so time to get shooting! July’s assignment will be:

“My favorite moment of the day.” With our kids, we can get caught up in taking vacation pictures, or lots of pictures of special events, but then forget to document the simple routines that we cherish. Here is a chance to take a picture that tells a story about the recurring moments that you treasure in your daily life with your child.

Looking forward to seeing you all again at our July monthly meeting!


4 responses to “Registration for August Workshop & July Meeting Assignment!

  1. Hi – will you possibly be doing one of these workshops again in September? I really would love to go, but have had conflicts the last two time!

    • Hi Marissa,
      We will be having another intro workshop on October 2, stay subscribed to the blog to see the registration announcement!

  2. i have never been to one of the meetings and would love to come this time! what format should we bring the assignment in? digital or printed?

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