Next meeting 6/21: Shooting in Manual Mode and Flash Techniques with LaRae Lobdell

Mark your calendars, Mamas! Our next meeting is coming up on Monday, June 21, 6:30-8:30 at Studio R !

Are you guys ready to shoot in MANUAL mode?? And learn how to use an external flash to boot? Time to get excited!

Destination wedding photographer LaRae Lobdell will be sharing the benefits of shooting in manual mode on your SLR  camera to get the most out of shooting. She will also be demonstrating indoor and outdoor techniques for TTL (Through the Lens) flash and manual flash techniques with a dedicated hot-shoe mounted speedlight.

Here is a snippet from LaRae’s bio:

“Born and raised in the beautiful countryside of Otis Orchards, Washington, LaRae Lobdell began photographing during her last year of college in 1997. Now, based in Ocean Shores, she and her husband specialize in destination weddings and portrait photography nationally and internationally. Her assignments have taken her from Washington State to Idaho, Oregon, Texas, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Hawaii, France, Italy, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and 34 of the continental United States during a 10,053-mile, four week road trip. By means of communicating, investing, and connecting herself to her subjects she is continually putting forth emotionally connected, poignant, and truthful photographs.”

Check out her website and her blog.

She is also featured in this very cool Black Rapid commercial!

For those of you who have been to Studio R, you’ll notice that the office space half of the studio houses Ron Dean’s company, Black Rapid. Ron Dean is getting ready to release a version of his camera straps this summer that are WOMEN only! I secretly think that he has been inspired by having us gals around in his studio every month, what do you think? 😉

Can’t wait to see you all next Monday- and don’t forget to bring your printed June photo assignments with you!


One response to “Next meeting 6/21: Shooting in Manual Mode and Flash Techniques with LaRae Lobdell

  1. Thank you so much for a great meeting. I really enjoyed tonight meeting. Thank you! This is such a great meet up group. 😀

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