Photography show information, April meeting info & assignments!

First off- thanks so much to everyone who came out to the March meeting! I have to say that our self portrait meeting last Monday was one of my personal all-time favorites! We had an intimate group of about 12 mamas who braved the self-portrait assignment, and though it was a challenge, everyone was happy that they had taken it on! We had incredible, heartfelt discussions about motherhood and life.  (I’m still all tingly.) All around, it was an amazing opportunity to learn something about ourselves and each other, and to hone our storytelling skills through our photos. This won’t be the last we will see of these types of portraits, so if you missed it, not to worry :-).


At the end of the meeting we discussed details for our upcoming Mamas With Cameras photography show! We will be displaying in Studio R  at the Fremont First Friday Art walk on Friday May 7th, just before Mother’s Day. This is going to be a great opportunity to inspire others and to spread the word about our club! Here are some important details for all club members:

1. The theme is: “Through the Eyes of a Mother.” This is meant to be a broad theme so that you can all dig through your archives and showcase what you feel are your best images! It can be images you have taken of your own kids, other mothers you know with their kids, your own mother, grandmothers with grandkids, pregnant mothers, newborns and so on and so forth… since it is mother’s day we want to showcase a broad spectrum of the ‘Mama Love Energy’ that we all share.

2. Our goal is for all club members to participate with at least one image. One of the components of our exhibit will be a photo “quilt” with 8×8 solo portraits on a foam core display (from the shoulders up) of each of the children whose mamas are in the club (so if you have two or more kids, that is one headshot per kid). This is going to be SO COOL!!!

3. For people who want to showcase their photography a bit more, you can upload up to three additional images besides the quilt portrait. For each image you will be able to provide a title, and list your name in a little card displayed next to your image.

4. The deadline to submit both images and payment is 9:00 am on April 27, which is the day after our next meeting. We will be doing a bulk order of all the images at once because (for whatever reason) it costs the same amount to Fedex one image on foam core as it does to Fed ex 40 images, and it will make it easier for the people who are hanging the display.

5. Your cost to participate will be the total of what it costs to produce your pictures on foam core boards on MPIX, plus a $15 exhibition fee. The images will be yours to keep once the display comes down (at the end of May). The exhibition fee will cover the group costs of the exhibit.

To submit images:

a. Login to the “mamas with cameras” account on MPIX. [login:, pw- seattlemamas]. This gallery will be closed for uploading after 9am on April 27.

b. Upload your images, title them with your full name first, and then the word “quilt” if it is a quilt submission.

c. For the quilt submission, size it to 8×8, and then go to “Buy Prints”. Add an 8×8 print to the cart. Once you view your print in the cart there is a button where you can Add Mount, Frame, or Lustre Coating. Choose “add Foam Core”.

d. For your other submissions, name them with your first & last name, and then a word or two to represent the image title.  Follow the same convention to add the foam core mounting. We recommend that you size them as 11×14 or larger to stand out well in the exhibit. If you have questions on uploading or problems, please email Sara (smkelly1[at]

e. Add them to the cart and keep track of the cost of each of your pieces, but do not pay on the site. We will be ordering all the prints at once.

f. Email title information for your photos (with reference photo titles) to Wenmei (p_wenmei[at] -she is going to make title cards for the exhibit.

g. To pay, please bring a check for the the total cost of your photo display items + $15 at our next meeting (made out to Mary Balmaceda), or email me for an address to mail a check to if you can’t make it.**Only photos that are properly uploaded and paid for by the deadline will be ordered.**  Yes, I love you guys, but I can’t be your sugarmama :-).

I will also be sending out an e-vite of this information so that we will know how many people are planning to exhibit, but please leave a comment here as well if you’re planning to be in the show!


Mark your calendars–next month’s meeting and ASSIGNMENT!!!

Next month our meeting will be on Monday, April 26th, so mark your calendars. We have an awesome new speaker lined up, details coming next week!

Also for anyone who is interested in attending a presentation about the business side of things (portraits & weddings), the Portrait Photographer’s Association is coming on tour to Seattle on Monday evening, April 19th. Click here to read more and reserve a space! (I’ll be there!)

The photo assignment for this month is: “Ring in Spring!” Let’s get in the mood for spring by getting some “spring-y” portraits of our little ones! Looking forward to seeing you guys and all of your beautiful submission. The other assignment is, of course, to go through and upload your best images to participate in our photography show!

Happy shooting everyone!


2 responses to “Photography show information, April meeting info & assignments!

  1. thanks Mary, can’t wait! One thing, little typo on my email, my email address is …just in case people need help with uploading their images to Mpix

  2. I noticed when I uploaded my prints that some people chose 8×10 or 11×14 and their prints had the crop box around it (red box) in the shopping cart. If you don’t want the picture cropped at all try choosing 8×12 or 12×18. Those match the aspect rations of most digital camera sensors better than the traditional 8×10 or 11×14 size, which means you shouldn’t have to crop.

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