Next Meeting- Monday 2/22- Post-processing basics with Tara Clark

Our second meeting of the year is coming up next Monday, February 22nd at 6:30pm at Studio R in Fremont (315 N 36th st, suite 201), and we are going to be talking about the exciting topic of POST-PROCESSING! Now that we have these hundreds (maybe even thousands, or *cough* tens of thousands!) of digital images, it’s time to learn how to sort through, choose the ones worth highlighting, and figure out how to make those images the best they can be!

Tara Clark, a photographer and fellow mama with over ten years experience, teaches photography workshops and could spend hours and hours just talking on this one topic, so we need some audience participation here to help narrow the topic!

-Please leave a comment with your most pressing questions about post-processing so I can give her some guidance around where to focus!

-Also, Tara will be using a few of our images for a “live demonstration” during our meeting about what you can do in post-process. If you’d like one of your images to be used, please email me your unprocessed image in large Jpeg (if you don’t have my email already, just post a comment and I’ll email you back).

-Finally, now that more & more people are subscribed to the blog, I am thinking of phasing out the monthly evite- so this month I’d like to experiment. If you are coming to the meeting, please RSVP by commenting here on the blog. (If I don’t get enough comments, I’ll send out the e-vite next week, but it will be nice to phase that out since it’s a bit redundant!)

We’ll have circle time to discuss our portrait assignment: focus & props. Please bring your printed photo assignments and any other favorite recent photos you’d like to share with the group!


15 responses to “Next Meeting- Monday 2/22- Post-processing basics with Tara Clark

  1. i’ll be there on the 22nd!

  2. I’ll be there. I’d love to see basic workflow from start to finish also if she could talk about sharpening for print and when to do so, that would be great.

  3. I’ll be there!
    Photoshop is overwhelming for me. What are the top 3-5 tools to learn that will help improve my photos the most? (My mommy brain can only manage so much!)

  4. I plan on coming the 22nd.

  5. 1)I have been shooting in RAW+jpg mode but really don’t know where to start with the post-processing of it the RAW file. I realize there is HUGE potential there, but for the most part I just use the jpg images for quickness

    2)Calibration software and tools. What is the low down on them. Any particular one over the other, what is the basics of this.

    3)I’m planning on attending

  6. planning on being there (depending on when my husband gets home from work).

  7. I plan on being there! I dont have any specific questions but I would like to see her work flow.


  8. So sorry to miss this one. I’ll have to read your notes carefully Mary, because this is absolutely an area where I need help!!

  9. I’ll be there. thanks.

  10. I am excited to share editing/post-processing tips. Unfortunately given the limited time of one hour I will need to keep the discussion narrowed to post-processing jpgs files. RAW workflow is more involved and it is not possible to cover in such a short time.
    I will be working on a handful of images of yours so please email me an image of yours that may be a favorite but you think could be made stronger w/ some post processing. send to
    Looking forward to meeting you all!

  11. Hey Mary,
    Sadly we’re out of town this weekend for my husbands birthday. I was really looking forward to finally making another meeting but I’ll catch up on your notes (which are extremely helpful!). I would also love to here her thoughts on calibrating photos for printing. Specific questions I had were, do you have to buy $200 software or if it can be done cheaper, do you have you calibrate for every place you print, can you calibrate a laptop and really what the low down is and any helpful tips. I recently got some post processed photos enlarged at Costco and although they are much cheaper than other places the color was much more saturated then on my computer. They were all unusable 😦 Thanks Mary and I hope you and Parker are doing well.

  12. I’ll be there – looking forward to it!

  13. I’ll be there for my first time, invited by Kim Preston. Looking forward to seeing Tara again who takes amazing photos!

  14. Hi, I’m a newbie and would love to come. Sorry for the late notice, hopefully it’s still OK.


  15. For those wondering where to print from, I’ve had a great experience with MPIX. They are also running a special…50% off 8×10’s
    promo code: 8x10sale
    ends Feb. 27

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