Lightroom 3 Beta available for free!

For all of you folks who are interested in post-processing but haven’t taken the plunge on software yet, I wanted to share this free Lightroom 3 Beta link– it allows you to download a full version of the new Lightroom 3, scheduled to come out in April. Once the official product is released the beta version will expire, but that’s still a good two and a half months away. If you download it and use it for a bit, please post a comment to let everyone know what you think of it!

Looking forward to seeing you gals next week!


2 responses to “Lightroom 3 Beta available for free!

  1. ack! I am just learning LR 2 I don’t think I am ready for 3 yet 🙂

  2. I’ve been using the beta version. It’s really not that much different than the prior version. I had been using a trial of v2, and am just using the beta until April, and then I’ll buy the new version. I’ve been really happy with it!

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