Group Shoot- “Pathway of Lights at Greenlake” Saturday, Dec 12 at 5:30pm

Hello Mamas!

It is time for Lights on the Lake and I thought this would be a great opportunity for us to get together and practice our night photography, have a fun outing with the kiddies, and help the Seattle Parks and Recreation department at the same time! How is that for three for the price of one?

First off the details of the group shoot:

Pathway of Lights is a time where they put brown paper bags with lights around the perimeter of the lake, there are Carolers (even one of our own Mamas will be caroling!), and it is generally a fun, festive and beautiful time to be at the lake.

Let’s meet at 5:30pm (leave yourself some time to park) Saturday December 12th at the Rowing Stadium by the parking lot (the southern most part of Greenlake). We’ll begin walking clockwise and people can go a full loop or whatever folks can handle! Since we have little ones, and not to mention our camera equipment, this is a weather-dependent event, so if it is raining the event will be cancelled.

Please reply to the evite here so we’ll know to look out for you!

Read on if you might be interested in having one of your photos published in the Seattle Parks and Recreation e-newsletter:

Seattle Parks and Recreation often has a need for general photographs of parks and people enjoying them for their website and various publications, and we got a special request from Joelle, who publishes their newsletter The Green Trail.

Here is the text from the body of her email:

“A particular need I have soon is the Superintendent’s newsletter, The Green Trail. I plan to do another newsletter before Christmas and need a photograph for the masthead. (See below for the most recent edition.)

I have a few suggestions for photo opportunities for the holiday season, which are also great (and free!) family activities. If anyone is interested in one of the two below activities, I can provide more details.

1.       Pathway of Lights at Green Lake. This event takes place on Saturday, Dec. 12, at Green Lake from 5:30 – 8:30 p.m. It’s a really pretty event where they line Green Lake path with luminarias and there’s warm drinks and treats at various locations. Sometimes, there’s even carolers.

2.       Christmas Ships at Seattle Parks. We host Christmas Ship parties at various parks throughout Seattle where we have a bon fire, warm drinks, activities, sometimes music, and then watch the Christmas Ships pass by. There are many dates for these events as they happen throughout December. Parents with young children may be interested in one of the earlier-in-the-evening events. I’d suggest Saturday, Dec. 19, at Madison Park, which starts at 4:55 p.m. (There’s also a great playground there.) There are plenty of other times and locations. For details:

I don’t have any money to pay, but I can give a photo credit. The newsletter goes to about 1,000 community members, as well as to about 1,000 Parks and Recreation employees. In addition, photographs on our website get a lot of viewings. We have literally thousands of hits a day on our website.”

If someone is interested in submitting for the newsletter, please leave a comment and I’ll forward you Joelle’s contact information.

Happy Holiday shooting everyone!


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