September Meeting with Sandra Coan- new location, and some other fun links!

Studio R is not available this month, but we are in for a treat- we’ll get to see our guest speaker in action in her own studio. Our September meeting is coming up next Monday, September 21st at 6:30pm at Sandra Coan’s Photography Studio, which is conveniently in the Greenwood area (310 NW 85th St, Seattle 98117). If you haven’t already, please respond with your RSVP here.

*UPDATE- Sandra just emailed me saying folks can park in the Greenwood Market parking lot, and that she’s next door to the “crazy red and white checkered building”.

Our guest speaker Sandra Coan is an amazingly talented Seattle photographer and mama of twins. She has an incredible knack for capturing images babies and kids, and her work has been featured in the Knot, Seattle Bride and ePregnancy!

A couple of details-

1) Bring your printed photos – For this meeting, we’ll go back to our regular meeting format which includes time for members to share photos and tips, so please remember to bring your PRINTED photos from this month’s “Milestones” assignment, and any other rad photos you’ve taken that you want to share, to pass around! For those who did the Catchlight assignment from July, please bring those too. If you need to check the details on the assignment, see the meeting wrap up for Me Ra, and  here for Janet’s catchlight assignment.

2) Bring a cushion– we will be spreading out on the floor so bring a cushion if you need one!

OK now for a couple of fun links I’ve been meaning to send along to you cool people.

1) Tracy Raver has been an internet sensation of late because of her amazing newborn photos. Her interview on the Today Show and her website are both worth a look for some inspiration.

2) The digital photography school posted an article a couple of weeks ago called “8 Tips for the Mom-a-razo Photographers” which I thought had a lot of good information in it! It’s worth a read!

Happy shooting!


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