Exclusive Early Registration open now through 9/8 for Me Ra’s workshop

Hope everyone is having fun with September’s assignment!

For those of you who may not have made it to the last meeting, Me Ra talked about her Confidence workshops that she offers, a weekend retreat dedicated to learning all about your camera, enhancing your creativity and building confidence! She has opened exclusive registration for the next Seattle Workshop, November 14-15, to Mamas With Cameras ONLY (yay!) from now until Tuesday September 8th. There are 20 openings in the workshop and now that I’ve claimed mine, there are 19 spots left :-).  Apparently her DC workshop sold out within a week!

Below is the primer on the website about the workshop, click here if you want to join in. The Early Bird price is $799.  It will again be at the Hotel Murano in Tacoma from 9am-6pm both days.

If you’re a member who has been to the workshop already, if you could post a comment about your experience with it for anyone who is considering it that would be great!

Happy shooting everyone!!


This workshop is for women only. It is a workshop that is meant to inspire women, and at the same time help them understand their cameras.  Coming from a Masters degree in teaching, Me Ra and Brian bring a number of teaching strategies to the workshop so every woman walks away with confidence in using her camera.  But this workshop is more than a photography workshop.  True to our reputation and the testimonies you’ve read, Brian and Me Ra have a heart to bring inspiration, encouragement and vision to women.  They will make you laugh so hard your side will be aching.  And then be prepared because their stories may bring tears too.  Me Ra and Brian have a goal to refresh women, build their confidence and help them capture the photos they want.  But not only help women shoot better photos, but also, having the understanding behind HOW they got their favorite photos so they can replicate the lighting again and again.


One response to “Exclusive Early Registration open now through 9/8 for Me Ra’s workshop

  1. I just signed up! I was so inspired by her! Cannot wait

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