Exercise for Me Ra’s talk this coming Monday (8/24)!

We are gearing up for Me Ra Koh’s presentation at our upcoming meeting Monday, August 24th, 7-8:30pm at Studio R in Fremont. If you haven’t already, please RSVP here. Here is an exercise she sent over for folks to try before her talk- take a moment to experiment with this if you have a chance!


From Me Ra-

An Exercise in How Me Ra Broke Through Her Thickest Glass Ceiling and Took Control of Light

1.       Have your child, pet or spouse sit in front of a window.

2.       Set your camera to A/AV mode (Aperture Priority Mode)

3.       Roll your dial so that your Aperture is as low as it can go.

4.       Frame your subject with the window light behind them, and take your shot.

5.       Is your image too dark or too light?

6.       Write your Aperture setting down so you don’t forget it.  (Depending on your lens ability, your Aperture’s lowest setting could have been anything between 1.8-5.6.)

7.       Now (trust me here) move your camera’s setting to Manuel Mode.

8.       Set your Aperture back to where you had it before.

9.       Now take your picture again.  Is it to bright or to dark?

10.     If it’s too bright, speed up your Shutter Speed (For example, if your Shutter Speed is 125, change it to 250).

11.      If it’s to dark, slow down your Shutter Speed.  (For example, if your Shutter Speed is 500, slow it down to 350)

12.     Experiment with the amount of light that you are letting into the camera.

If you run into your own Glass Ceilings trying this exercise, make some notes and bring them to our meeting on Monday night.  We’ll talk more about how to take control of light, and how to feel like the camera is working for YOU!

I’m excited to meet you all!

Much warmth, Me Ra


Me Ra Koh’s Bio

Me Ra Koh is a world famous and award-winning celebrity photographer.  Her work has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey ShowVH1’s Fabulous Weddings, and Martha Stewart TV shows. In 2008, Grace Ormonde’s premier Wedding Style magazine named her one their Masters of Craft photographers.  In 2009, Me Ra accepted Sony’s invitation to be one of the Sony Artisans of Imagery icons.  She is the first woman wedding/portrait photographer to be officially sponsored by Sony.  Besides her joy for photography, Me Ra, along with her husband Brian, take true pleasure in teaching people how to be the best photographers they can be. Together, they travel nationwide speaking at photography expos and leading conferences and workshops for not only professional photographers, but parents, enthusiasts and scrap-bookers, too.  Me Ra has released two instructional DVDs: Refuse to Say Cheese and Beyond the Green Box. Both DVDs won the national merit of being given the GOLD award from the prestigious NAPPA organization.  Her vision is to help empower women in learning to use their cameras. Random House has also formally asked her to consider writing a photography book series for moms (tentative launch date: 2010).  She is a proud mom of two beautiful children, Pascaline and Blaze, and she will tell you that capturing their lives is the greatest honor of all.


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